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Midori is a green ceramic soliflore vase, painted with alcohol inks. Abstract pattern.

Midori, painted ceramic vase

  • Height: 20 centimeters, Width: 14 centimeters


    This vase is a unique specimen.

    It is protected by an anti-UV varnish which will preserve its color.

    Full care instructions:
    - Avoid contact with water on the painted part, otherwise dry immediately with a soft cloth
    - Do not go in the dishwasher
    - Avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight
    - Avoid drastic temperature changes

    In order to prolong the life of the object as long as possible, avoid washing the painted part if possible.

  • L'envoi sera fait dans un carton solide pour éviter toute trace de choc.


    Je m'engage à envoyer votre colis dans les 3 jours ouvrés qui suivent votre commande.

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