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I am Emilie Picache, painter.

I mainly produce abstract paintings, whether in acrylic paint on canvas, ink on ceramic or resin on wood. Exceptionally, I also sometimes create figurative pieces in watercolor.

I work in such a way as to have the least possible ecological impact in my creations, by using tools from salvage or recycling, and by minimizing the use of water for cleaning my containers.

In 2022 I also developed a collection of jewelry in resin and polymer clay, with light and fashionable earrings, and pendants playing on the transparency of the material.

Experimentation is as important to me, if not more so, than the search for beauty. I like to feel the material flowing on the canvas, to observe its reactions, its color fusions. Failure is part of the process. Nothing is simple and immediate. My style is bound to evolve. The canvases are like living beings. Without evolution, they die.

Tableau abstrait bleu
Plateau motif océan vert

Abstract art is not, as its name suggests, intended to represent something clearly. Yet we can't help but recognize shapes according to our personal references, here the ocean, there an animal. I like that everyone can interpret the work as they wish.

However if I had to choose a goal as an artist, it would be to make feel through a canvas something that does not resemble any known reference. Instilling an impression of the unknown and strange in your mind would be an accomplishment for me.


Explore the Collection

Find here the latest canvases painted by me.

Naissance des peintures abstraites

La création d'une toile abstraite à l'acrylique, ou d'un plateau, ou d'un vase, est un travail d'humeur. Si mes oeuvres sont autant protéiformes, c'est avant tout car elles s'adaptent à mon état mental.

La joie, la peur, la tristesse sont autant de carburant dans le processus créatif. Le travail d'artiste peintre est un travail d'externalisation de son ressenti, et c'est particulièrement le cas dans la peinture abstraite.

Atelier E.Pic

Peinture abstraite moderne

86330 Moncontour, France

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