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Atelier E.Pic earrings

Today I would like to share with you why I decided to create my own collection of earrings. This decision may seem strange when I had until then devoted myself to paintings on canvas and decorative objects. In fact, it's part of my creative process. Having several mediums to express myself helps me keep inspired. When I have an idea for a painting or a tray, I make a few pairs of earrings, it gives me time to find ideas for the painting.

I have always had a passion for creation, so when I discovered that I could create my own jewelry without the need for expensive equipment while having a professional result, I jumped at the chance. Polymer clay is perfect for this. Well mastered, it offers a rendering close to minerals, or a totally assumed pop plastic side, or even the impression of a clay just out of the oven. The possibilities are immense, and the result is always ultra-light, which is essential for me who has sensitive ears.

I also made a few in resin like this

Creating my own earrings allows me to express myself and my personality. I like to be unique and have accessories that represent me. I can choose exactly what I want and create unique pieces that are perfect for me. In addition to being able to express my personality, I find it very rewarding to create my own earrings. I take time to choose the materials and the style that I want, which allows me to create pieces that look like me. I can also share my creations with my friends and family, which is very satisfying. It must be said, everyone received some at Christmas!

And given the very positive feedback on my creations, I decided to put them up for sale. And if you're looking for a creative way to express your style, I recommend making your own earrings. It doesn't get more satisfying!


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