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Where is Atelier E.Pic?

First of all, welcome to this first blog post! I hope there will be many more. I will deal with the studio or the practice of painting, depending on my mood.

I started painting 7 years ago, in the Lyon region, in my small 40m²... painting in an apartment is not necessarily a problem as long as you have good light and a minimum of organization. Basically I mainly did watercolours, on A4 or smaller formats, so a corner of the table was enough for me. And then over the years, and especially the practice of acrylic, I began to make larger and larger formats, to have more and more material, to the point that my living room was completely invaded. And let me tell you that working with epoxy resin literally 2 meters from where you eat is totally prohibited! Do not do that ! So I said to myself that I either had to stop the potentially toxic techniques in the air (alcohol ink, resin...), or I had to move.

And I moved! In Vienne, in the small town of Moncontour, at the foot of an 11th century keep (I will surely tell you about it again because I fell in love with this village and its ruins). It was a crush when I saw the house. And above all, I now have a 30m² room reserved solely for the practice of painting. Can you imagine, it changes my life...

Not bad, uh ?

Yes well it's sure that it's almost the size of my old apartment...

I see the dungeon from the skylight

And the castle chapel from the window, there's a worse view. Well, unless you hate ruins, then yes, it's horrible.


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